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Introducing the Oasis Muscle Relief System

Introducing the Oasis Muscle Relief System, Including the Only Customizable Muscle-Rolling Stick on the Market

St Louis, MO; January 2017 - Oasis, developers of customizable muscle-relief products, today announced the release of its Oasis Muscle Relief System—the most customizable, versatile muscle-rolling tool currently on the market.

Developed in collaboration with fitness experts, this new breakthrough system not only yields the benefits of muscle-rolling—decreased muscle pain, injury prevention, improved flexibility—but the Oasis System also allows users to customize the length and colors of their stick.  The benefits of the Oasis System can be enjoyed by virtually anyone—from those who live a less active lifestyle, to the fitness enthusiast, to the elite athlete. Recovery time for muscle-related injuries can be improved by just a few short rolling sessions each day—at home—without the price tag of receiving professional massage or seeing a Physical Therapist.

Oasis company CEO, Paul Clithero, states, “As athletes and fitness experts, muscle rolling has been on our radar for some time now. We’ve experienced the benefits firsthand—from pain relief, to increase in range of motion, to decreased recovery time—as we nurse old injuries from our years playing Division I sports. But, it was impossible to overlook the lack of quality when it came to muscle-rolling sticks on the market. We knew we could do better. We took a great deal of time collaborating with industry professionals, future customers, and manufacturers, working to develop a solution to the limitations we’d experienced with existing muscle-rolling sticks—boring aesthetic, weak materials, poor construction, etc.”

The Oasis Muscle-Rolling Stick is made with zinc-plated, steel rods, eliminating flex and enabling you to achieve therapeutic results with less effort. Every Oasis Stick features individually-moving ABS plastic rollers, custom designed to roll on your skin while minimizing pinching and sticking. Medical-grade, silicone rubber handles are slip-resistant, but fortunately, don’t come with that chemical odor that many other muscle-rolling sticks include.

By simply by adding and removing rods, the unique design of the Oasis Muscle Relief System is currently the only on the market that enables the user to customize the length to best accommodate specific parts of the body, making it more effective overall (not to mention, more convenient for travel).  In addition, literally every visible part of the system is color customizable to accommodate the individual’s style. Furthermore, accessories can be attached to add a greater dimension as part of the Oasis System.  For example, the first accessory release of many—the Oasis Foot Roller—has been specifically designed for the feet, assisting with conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  With meticulous attention to design, the Foot Roller can reach the fine muscles in and around the feet to relieve the tension, improve flexibility, and stimulate blood circulation.  People who spend a great deal of time on their feet during the day or in sports activities are noticing less tightness in the foot muscles, as well as greater bone support when they use their Foot Roller regularly.  This, in turn, can improve posture and even reduce the chance of back strain.

The Oasis Muscle-Rolling Stick retails for $27.99, with each extension kit costing $6. The Foot Roller Accessory retails for $19.99. Pre-selected colors of the Oasis stick are available on Amazon.

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Paul Clithero
Released January 01, 2017

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