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Avoiding Misuse

When using your muscle-rolling stick, always exercise caution, employ proper techniques, and use common sense. It’s important to note that rolling on trigger points can feel pretty intense. Most fitness enthusiasts have grown to embrace this “hurts-so-good” feeling. That said, if you’re experiencing pain that is sharp or that seems abnormal, it’s always a good idea to check in with your doctor.

Common types of misuse that may lead to pain and discomfort are:

Applying too much pressure during use

The Oasis Muscle Relief System is designed to work without excessive pressure.  Be especially careful when working with a partner.

Rolling Too Fast

Your movements should be slow and controlled. If you’re rolling too fast, your muscles won't won’t experience the full benefits.

Over-rolling muscles (too many sessions per day)

For regular use, 2-3 short sessions per day are sufficient. Try not to spend too much time on tender spots (30 seconds to a minute is okay).  Use before and after exercise or physical activity.

Rolling inappropriate areas 

The Oasis System is designed for use on muscles. Avoid using directly on sensitive areas, ligaments, and parts of the skeletal bone structure (kneecaps, spine, etc.).
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