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The Benefits of Rolling

Regardless of your fitness level, muscle rolling can be extremely beneficial to the overall muscle health. Muscle rollers, similar to massage therapy, are designed to:

  • Relieve muscle cramps
  • Reduce muscle tightness
  • Increase flexibility
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Release knots and break up scar tissue
  • Mimic myofascial release
  • Encourage post-workout recovery

Warm Up & Cool Down

Oasis Muscle Rollers can be used to warm up or to cool down.  Warming up a muscle roller is similar to deep stretching, and can help to prevent injury.  Cooling down with a muscle roller can help to reduce recovery time. Pro Tip: Make sure to hydrate!

Return to Activity Faster

Muscle-rolling is excellent at relieving muscle cramps and spasms, allowing you to get back to being active sooner than later.

Injury Recovery

Muscle rollers can be used to treat a broad range of muscle-related injuries. Physical Therapists commonly encourage the use of muscle rollers to help alleviate soreness and increase flexibility in their clients.

Muscle Maintenance

Muscle rolling can also be beneficial for those who live a less active lifestyle. Use of the muscle rollers can be beneficial for anyone who experiences muscle-related aches and pains. Whether you have muscle soreness from running around in the yard with your grandkids or because you sit at a desk all day, muscle rolling can help improve your overall muscle health.

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